Meadowsweet Farm

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I had an email exchange with Steve Smith, the farmer in upstate New York who was raided and shut down by New York Ag and Markets for his private buying club that provided popular milk, yogurt and cheese to many happy customers.  Steve and his wife Barbara are both well educated scientists who also speak of the benefits of raw dairy products.

Steve wrote to me to say that since the New York Supreme Court ruled that the Ag and Market Commissioner did have authority over their LLC, they dissolved the LLC and sold the herd to the former members of that LLC.  Currently, Steve and Barbara are under contract with the members of the herdshare to milk and maintain the herd for them.  They have had this herd share for two years now and they have a waitlist of people that would like to join the share.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to obtain raw milk so farms that supply it often have waiting lists of customers.  In New York it is legal to drink milk from your own cow and the members own the cows, so hopefully Ag and Markets will respect that and leave them alone from now on.

The demand for raw dairy products is not going to go away, so hopefully more farms and farmers like this will pop up!    We are thinking of the Smith family and their farm as the drought hit them hard and they had to sell off their beef herd in order to have enough hay to keep the dairy going through the winter.



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