The Crew

Kristin Canty
Director, Producer
Kristin Canty is the Director/Producer of Farmageddon; The Unseen War on American Family Farms.  She is a first-time film maker, small farm advocate, fresh milk drinker and a mom.  One of her children was ridden with multiple allergies and asthma as a pre-schooler, and when medications couldn’t help him, she found that raw milk helped him recover.  Since then, she has tried to buy most of her family’s food directly from local, organic farms. When Kristin learned that farmers and co-ops all over the country were increasingly getting raided by the government, she set out to  make a film about it. She hopes that when people see it, it can change the tide of public pressure so that our government stops harassing and adding costly burdens to our small, organic farmers. Kristin lives in Concord, Massachusetts with her husband, four children, two dogs , two cats and 11 chickens.

Paul Dewey
Dewey Media + partners
Paul is a former CNN journalist who now writes and produces non-profit and corporate films, as well as documentaries for his production company deweymedia + partners.  He lives with his wife and two children in Concord, Massachusetts, where they feel privileged to have a wide selection of healthy, small farm grown foods.

Benjamin Eckstein
Director of Photography
Berylium Pictures
Benjamin is a Boston-based director of photography, husband and father to an adorable son.  As a member of Slow Food Boston, and a lover of good, healthy foods, he was thrilled to get involved with Farmageddon.

Cob Carlson
Cob Carlson has been a film editor for twenty-two years, the past twenty spent in Boston. He has worked on feature films, major network television programs, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and industrials. His colorful past has included work as a food co-op manager and as a volunteer for FARMAID.

Susan Bryant
Additional Production/Sound
Susan Bryant enjoys working on small crews, and sharing ideas for inspiring projects. She serves on the Board of Women in Film and Video/New England. She brought DP Gary Griffin’s Listopad project to the Sundance Independent Producers Conference, and is creative producer for Bryan Horch’s Sensational Life, Co-Producer for Jeff Reichert’s Gerrymandering (Tribeca 2010), and Virginia Williams’ Frontrunner.